Apres GE 2011 lunch

We lunched together on Cooling Off Day, the suai ker who contested on the Singapore Democratic Party ticket, I and the other members of the “Lunch Party”, as recorded here.

Right after the General Election, LH who missed the Cooling Off Day lunch because of work, hustled me to fix a lunch with our Opposition candidate suai ker.

I duly did so and just 3 days after Polling Day, we were at Lao Beijing in Novena Square which seems to be LH’s fav eating shop, as the last time she bought lunch was also at the same place.

Suai ker was the first to reach the restaurant; I was second. And guess what?

As I sat down with him, three “aunties” were shown to a table next to us and they all nodded in smiling friendliness at suai ker. Wah, the “notoriety” that comes from having just contested the election for the Opposition!

After a while, I could feel suai ker getting uncomfortable with “fans” sitting so close by with ears and eyes wide open and agreed quickly when he suggested that we should go for a round table instead of staying at our oblong one. His excuse was that it would make conversation between us and LH easier.

We managed to secure a round table right near the entrance but because it was in a corner, we were sheltered mostly from curious eyes and ears keen to eavesdrop. And talked and talked we did but it’s too candid and incriminating for me to share what was said.

each a bowl!

And we ate our fill, but sticking once again to the tried and tested: a bowl of zheijiang mian for each of us and spinach tossed in garlic to share. LH and I wanted the pork trotters in aspic. However  suai ker said he wasn’t keen on trotters. So we settled for a dish of pan-cake skins and a variety of fillings but had to make the “rolls” ourselves.

And guess what again?

Suai ker quickly made one roll, not for himself, not for me (altho I had thought in deference to my age he would have done that!) but for LH. Ok, she’s hosting the meal but more importantly I guess he was careful to score brownie points because she could be helpful if he were really interested to pursue a political career beyond GE 2011.

Yeah I’m really cynical. And yes, suai ker’s 2nd roll was for me 😆

he rolled 1st for her

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