2 X-Causeway views on Dear PM missive

There is this anonymous letter addressed to our Prime Minister — though whether it’s actually been sent to him or not only heaven knows — that’s been doing its rounds these past few days.

Dated May 8, which is one day after polling day for GE 2011, the writer who calls himself/herself  “A hopeful Singaporean” makes 10 strident demands of the Government.

Like every itchy-finger netizen, I couldn’t resist re-sending it on, tho only to overseas friends and here are two reactions from north of the Causeway.

  • Malaysian No 1 who is also a Singapore PR in stream of consciousness prose: “Good points from this guy (or gal). GST (if PAP espouses welfarism) yes it makes sense. But far from that PAP is the opposite. It espouses growth and capitalism, and PAP policy thinkers from LHL (“high income, high growth”) are neither here nor there and only careful to mind the welfare of the bottom 10% for the multiplier effect. Finance minister Tharma on tv lauded GST creaming from the high incomers that can assist the lower income people. NOBODY asked him exactly how much GST these people bear, AND FROM CONSUMING WHAT! No doubt it will be a huge sum – but from bar, club, restaurant, health and beauty parlours etc etc etc? Then why not just tax those and hands off the heartland basics? Singapore hasn’t got free health (yes, subsidised, but ….) or unemployment scheme etc. GST benefits just the high income earners.
    MM and SM posts: there was reason for MM (not cos he’s the dad) but today they really are redundant. Give them advisory posts.
    GRC? everyone knows it works for the incumbent party, and now that Aljunid shows there’s a crack in the dam, is it any use defending it?
    ISA? where’s the INTERNAL threat anymore?
    Govt salaries and bonuses – yes definitely they are way overpaid. You cannot COMPLETELY equate serving the country and public with working in the private sector. How can you? The benchmark should be something like what the 3rd quartile income is. This will be nearer to Singaporean standards.
    Wong Kan Seng has great press presence, but really aside from that he’s quite forgetable.
    Ting Pei Ling – yes, definitely, a wrong choice. No need to go into the whys of how such a stringent PAP selection process went wrong for it may reveal red faces. I compare her with Nicole Seah and they are worlds apart in thought and maturity.
    And yes, I agree that unless PAP rethinks its way vis-a-vis the people, MM may be proven right sooner than even he could imagine.”
  • Malaysian No 2 who used to work in the World Bank: “Cogent arguments, this open letter reflects the coming of age of a new generation prepared to openly question/challenge the establishment, unthinkable even a few years ago. I think it’s a healthy development and wish more of this would show up north of the Causeway .”

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3 thoughts on “2 X-Causeway views on Dear PM missive

  1. Yup, Blur, leaving the Cabinet isn’t as drastic as leaving Parliament and/or politics. Because the latter will mean by-elections for sure, even tho in the past when MPs vacate seats due to death, sudden or from prolonged illness, there was no B-E.

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