Parents Day feast 2011

Although I’m not a mum, I’m always included in my brother KP and his wife SS’ annual invite to their church’s Parents’ Day celebration which this year was held two days be4 Mother’s Day and believe it or not, on the eve of General Election 2011.

They sometimes take one table, sometimes two (as is the case this year) and a combined group of immediate and more distant relatives are their guests.

Last year, the church’s bash was at Turf City’s Ah Yat Restaurant. This year was at Guilin Restaurant and while the food was excellent — far better than Ah Yat’s — I wish it was anywhere but in Bukit Batok, where I always get lost.

Such was the case this time that mum, her Picky and I arrived, puffing and panting after having driven all around Bukit Batok be4 finding the Home Team’s club house where the restaurant was located.

Dinner was about to begin. I didn’t recall anyone saying grace. Apart from someone who testified to some miracle that befell her (a bad holiday that turned out to be an excellent one), some solo and group singing, there wasn’t any of last year’s happy clappy hymns involving diners off and on stage.

There was no picture taking either and very little thunder and brimstone preaching. Perhaps everyone was more interested that nite in gossiping about the next day’s polls and the rallies of the week past!

Below are the commemorative pix of that dinner, with each dish lip-smackingly good. I overlooked snapping the first dish — a cold platter of several appetisers — as I was busy settling down (having arived late). By the time I was ready to take pictures, most of the spring rolls, spicey jellyfish et al had disappeared 😛

superbly fried garlic chicken


steamed sea bass


yam caps with embedded scallop


fresh steamed prawns


spinach + 2 types of mushrooms


yummy lotus leaf rice


faery-lite sponge cake


sweet exit: sesame soup + lotus seeds

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