Last meal with Lunch Party be4 GE Day

Now that the vote counting has begun and the die already cast, I would like to share that the Lunch Party had our regular monthly lunch yesterday with Tan Jee Say, the ex-PPS of SM Goh Chok Tong (when he was still DPM) and who boosted the morale and chances of the Singapore Democratic Party no end in the General Election 2011 just ended.

As usual there was much ribbing, with TJS our target, as had been the case ever since he published his $60 billion magnum opus to regenerate Singapore!

I won’t go into detail about the lively conversation except that all of us including real PAP men, pro-Oppositioners and perhaps some “don’t knows” had nothing but goodwill towards Jee Say and one another, some differing political views notwithstanding.

If that’s not something to cheer about being Singaporean, I don’t know what is!

And without more ado, here are the commemorative pix of that lunch on May 6, the official designated “cooling off” date for GE 2011.

Name of lunch room: Bonanza. Prophetic?


I'll have a stab at it


Hmmm... that's fishy?


we started with this


n ended with this. Unusually no sweet ending 😆


prawns in potato basket?


asparagus n scallops


Unmistakingly otak


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