Community bash at Kg Glam CC

This evening I went back to my chair yoga sessions at Kampung Glam Community Club after two weeks’ absence, and was delighted that our usual post yoga feeder, PT, had also returned from sick leave (like moi).

Well, to be truthful, altho I like PT well enough, I like her cakes even more and tonight she didn’t disappoint: beautifully freshly baked cranberry fruit cake that money can’t buy as she doesn’t take orders. She just bakes for free for her yoga mates ūüėÄ

However, to-night’s yoga exercise was less than previous peaceful sessions because there’s a huge community bash at the community club’s main hall downstairs with elderly folks from the Moulmein and Kallang divisions being feted and fed for a pre-Mother’s Day celebration and community singing!

Though the food must have been simple (what else could it be coming in plastic tubs wrapped in red plastic bags!!), the some 200 or so senior citizens seemed to have enjoyed themselves judging from the raucous sounds of community singing that rose lustily to hit us doing our yoga poses in the mini theatre above.  

More disturbing was that several of the CC’s staff kept coming into our class room to get bottled water stored in the wall cabinets!

Still, the disturbance¬†was small change for the happy faces of the elderly heartlanders I saw as I walked past the singing elders on my way to the carpark: happy too with my own exercise, even though it’s less peaceful than it usually was!





sing your way home!


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