In defence of the PAP

Going by the email circulars I’ve been receiving, those I’ve forwarded and other Internet exchanges between myself and others and others and others on popular websites, one would think everyone and his grandma is against the PAP.

This is especially when some of the more thoughtful but yet anti-PAP links have come from pals from inside the PAP stronghold!

But that’s besides the point.

We may be overt or covert PAP supporters; we may be Opposition supporters, covert or overt; we may be neither but bend with the wind.

But one thing we have in common is that we like making fun of a common target which at general election time is invariably the People’s Action Party. Familiarity breeds contempt and groupattack mentality et al.

Of course it helps that websites and bloggers have twigged on the fact that nothing ensures visitors piling up at their url than if they write something rabidly anti-PAP, establishment, FamiLEE etc etc. Never mind if their language is wobbly; their arguments wobblier. They become instant household names.

Even moi, Auntie Lucia, discovered that whenever I write politics a la Singapura, the visitor arrivals would shoot up. In fact the best number of close to 1,000 hits that this site recorded was when I supported PM Lee Hsien Loong’s move to gazette The Online Citizen as a political website.

Internet-regular friends told me I was even tweeted about by TOC. I won’t know. I’m not a TOC or Temasek Review regular, preferring to get similar fix from better quality sites like Flaneurose.

Anyway, I digress.

The nub of this post is to say that it’s not all anti-PAP chatter out there in cyberspace. Besides good friend LW’s stout defence of — and gratitude to — the ruling party that could be found here, I also discovered that one of my nieces (a 24-year-old BBA Hons to be) is fervently anti-Opp. As she lives in Aljunied, Uncle George should have one more vote heading his way — hers!

This niece further thinks Nicole Seah speaks like a stern school marm 😛

wrong numbers?

And it was thru her that I discovered this Facebook post questioning Nicole’s data used at election rallies!

4-letter support n all


As well as thru her that I discovered the controversial Xiaxue’s strong support of the PAP in particular Uncle Yeo.

This will definitely be my last post on General Elections 2011, not least because I don’t want to be accused of influencing the outcome altho how such a charge for a low-low traffic blogger like moi could stick! 😆

The real reason for less blog time is that I’m having major upheavals on the domestic front. Mum’s Picky Siti and my family may have no choice but to part ways, as at long last I’ve decided that the servant in the home can’t be allowed to ride rough-shod over everyone she’s supposed to serve.

And swear, this isn’t a political parable but the real McCoy 😥


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