Casino conversations

Whenever I tell people that I enjoy going to our casinos — actually singular is more accurate, as I’ve only been going to Marina Bay Sands — I get incredulous looks and shocked exclamations.

“No!” “You gamble!” “Why?”

“Don’t you get embarrassed if you run into people you know at the casino?”

It’s as if I’ve confessed to a shameful vice.

“No” is my honest and spontaneous reply to the question about running into friends and acquaintances. In any case, if they are also in the casino we are in the same boat, yes?

Not that I’ve run into that many people I know probably because

1) most of those I know don’t venture into the local casinos, mayb in the mistaken belief that it’s something sinful or shameful or both

2) it could also be that a small number of them are such big-rollers that they won’t be seen dead in the open casino floor which is where those who make 1 or 2 cent bets like me hang around.

And those whom I have run into are not in the least bit shy or embarrassed either and would have stuck with me all the time I’m there to chat and socialise, if not for the fact that I go to MBS to gamble not to chat or catch up.

Usually after a short polite exchange, I always excuse myself, unless I had pre-arranged for us to meet at the MBS which so far I’ve done only with ST.

So in short while I’m happy to greet and meet people I know, I don’t enjoy teaming up with anyone to surf the casino, strangers or friends alike.

Because if company is the intention, I’ve no need to go to MBS 😛


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