No Menu but got price

Last nite, the regular — perhaps not so regular now — travelling group got together to celebrate LW’s b-day.

While March is CK’s month, April is definitely LW’s, to be followed by three — always combined celebrations in May — and then after a break in June, July’s the month to say cheers to He Who Shall Not Be Named, our resident cook who cooks out of pure love and enjoyment, not for bread or something more crass.

We settled for No Menu at Boon Tat Street. While the service was excellent — ie helpful, friendly and accommodating — the food wasn’t at all memorable, I regret to say, especially when measured against the price tag — just a shade under $2K for the six of us.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have gone for the tasting menu which apart from the main course was more tapas like than a proper meal.

Compare this to the $1,200 we paid last year for LW’s b-day at Private Affairs and the less than $600 for CK’s recent bash at Le Bistrot du Sommelier and you would get the picture! Which unfortunately there are none of the latest feed since my Sony Ericsson phone’s camera refused to work.

So, no pix unless and until LW lets me have hers! (which she has done after this post was published: see below)

Still, a great time was had by all, despite the so-so food. And two other things stood out.

  • The first was about our General Election 2011 which featured much in our conversation, especially when one of my best friends text me a few times with salacious points and even more salacious commentaries right from where the hustings were.

I duly read out the text messages to the assembled table, which mostly added salt and pepper to the comments, altho I noticed that one of us at the table was duly buttoned up lip-wise where PAP politics was concerned.

Anyway, we may or may not be typical of the Singaporean picture but two at the table won’t be here to vote, having long planned a European holiday starting on May 6. Another two needn’t vote since both live in the Tanjong Pagar Group Representation Constituency although both their homes are anywhere but near Tg Pagar 😆

That leaves two others: one of them, going by what was being declared, won’t be for the PAP, at least if action matches words. There remains just one whose political views were strangely silent. Could be for or against the PAP but then again what’s articulated for consumption among even close friends may not be what’s done in the secrecy of making that fateful X.

  • The second thing that stood out was the number of celebrity faces in the crowded dining room converted from the conservation house where once coolies fresh off the boat probably spent their first wretched nite in Singapore.

At a large table behind us was Eric Khoo and a sister (the banker at my table thought it was Mavis?) the offspring of the late multi-billionaire Khoo Teck Puat, pluse several children.

At another table — for three– near the door all scrunched up was ex-CEO of Singapore Airlines, Chew Choon Seng, who is currently both the chairman of the Singapore Exchange and the Singapore Tourism Board.

And we might have missed her altogether if she didn’t march up to the lawyer at our table as she was leaving, to say hello to said lawyer, gave her name and said they would be having lunch together on “the 26”.

After she was gone, said lawyer said to the table: “Huh? Did she say her name was Shirley? I thought her name was Cindy.”

I contributed: “I didn’t hear what she said her name was, but I definitely heard she said she’s from K-reit.”

Anyway, as I’m writing this, I googled for names at K-reit who might know my lawyer friend and might dine at No Menu.

I think I hit pay dirt with the the reit’s ceo whose name isn’t Cindy or Shirley but Hsueh Ling! 😆 The photo on K-reit’s website matched the face of the woman who stopped at our table, all friendly and smiley-toothy! 

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3 thoughts on “No Menu but got price

  1. Yes, Auntie Lucia….I agree in totality, the food is only “so-so” and to me, “ordinary”. The red wine chosen by Q was good though. Still, the restaurant was filled for the 2 sittings per night. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the company of our regular group very much (as usual). Btw the “one whose political views were strangely silent” is a die-hard pro-PAP and grateful Singaporean, who counts her blessings, amongst other things, a safe and stable environment to live in, good education, gainful employment, own a home, able to save and invest all these years, holidays, buy whatever I want and religious freedom, etc…… and for sure you know who I am voting for come 7 May 2011 …Cheerios and have a nice day…

  2. Tks for the pix m’dear! I think the majority will do exactly as u plan to do, despite all the noise everywhere. That’s why unlike the PAP I’m not in the least bit worried that it will lose any seats. But then, I’m not contesting.

    I guess when u r contesting, best not to show you are too confident, in case it provokes a backlash.

    Instead say “I’m afraid I might lose, leh” and then give a few warning “slaps” and everyone would wake up their senses!

    Btw, read and hav a gd laff!

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