Politicians: look after this old man?

I’m a bit cynical whenever politicians — on whichever side of the divide — declare themselves to want to serve the old and disadvantage, especially in these days of high faluting talk when trying to elicit the Singaporean vote.

I wonder why, instead of making promises, they don’t do something concrete? Better to actually help one person than vaguely promise to help thousands!

Especially for the not so invisible poor who tramp our roads or congregate in particular at the Kwan Im Hood Cho Temple in Waterloo Street flogging packs of tissue paper to hurrying passers by!

Which brings me to my favourite charity cause — till hunger, neglect, disease finally frees him from his world of terrible sufferings.

I refer to the old tramp who I used to see trudging down Dunearn Road and then up Bukit Timah Road, in sunshine, in rain, in tattered clothes and looking quite spaced out.

Then I began to give him small amounts of cash, enough to buy him a basic meal or two, whenever I see him, which isn’t that often. And every time I don’t see him for several weeks, I’m both fearful he might be dead or worse, not dead but lying in some gutter wishing for death.

TTSH shop spree

So what a blessed day I thought April 29 was when after a quick shopping spree at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s pharma (which was giving a 20% discount on most products to celebrate a national service award), I turned into Moulmein Road and guess what?

I saw the old tramp trudging in the direction of Newton Circus.

As traffic was light, I pulled up and handed him a little something that should stave him from hunger for that day.

I was so glad to see him, as it’s been almost six or seven weeks since I last saw him and that last time, it wasn’t convenient to help him because of the heavy traffic along my neck of the woods, what with construction of the Downtown line going hammer and tongs, as well as new condos in various stages of completion every few steps.

Now why can’t, why don’t, our politicians target this segment of Singaporeans who have no voice and more importantly, no or little food, no home, no family; in short no support?

Just as well I don’t have to vote this year 😛


2 thoughts on “Politicians: look after this old man?

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