Opposition goes for lousy odds

we doing right?

taking on George Yeo

Call it their death wish? Or the way irrational eternal optimists do things?

I’m shocked but not surprised entirely that Mr Low Thia Khiang has upped from Hougang and gone to head a “dream team” to compete in Aljunied Group Representation Constituency.

Yet going by the look on Workers Party chairman Sylvia Lim’s face at the apres Nomination Day press conf, I don’t think she’s entirely pleased by this strategic move.

While I’ve never been enamoured of George Yeo, the incumbent lead at Aljunied GRC, it’s hard to imagine that Mr Low and Ms Lim, together with corporate legal big wig Chen Show Mao (who incidentally looks and speaks uncannily like corporate big wig Ho Kwon Ping) and two others, could actually unseat Mr Yeo and his team.

Ditto for Mr Chiam See Tong and his team tilting to represent Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. Ditto ditto for his wife, Lina Chiam, to whom he’s “bequeathed” his long held ward of Potong Pasir.

Of course Mr Chiam is much respected by many Sgaporeans and Mrs Chiam is much-loved by the people of Potong Pasir.

But would the people of Bishan-Toa Payoh want to swap two ministers — unpopular tho both might be among some Sgaporeans — for a leader who is visibly unwell and newcomers like Benjamin Pwee, though he might be a government scholar and articulate?

People may out of sympathy want to wish Mr Chiam and his team well but vote for them? That may be another story.

And it’s the same story from West Coast to Marine Parade. Some may prefer Nicole Seah to Tin Pei Ling but would you swap Chokie for what else besides Nicole on the other side?

Like Mr Low said, possibly prophetically, at today’s WP press conf: “This is a watershed election. We may end up with no elected opposition MP!”

He probably meant that for the WP but it could well apply across the board.

I hope I am wrong. I want to be wrong. But unless voting Sgaporeans are willing to make a leap of faith into the unknown, the outcome will be — alas — completely predictable!


9 thoughts on “Opposition goes for lousy odds

  1. Blur, I hope I’m wrong too but I think even the outright anti-Pappyers aren’t hopeful as u can see fm the latest comment on Yawningbread’s 86-1 forecast (reproduced below). I’ve been watching elections since Anson and every time there’s high hopes on the part of the vocal minority, it’s always followed by down-2-earth thud. Becos this is realpolitik not Plato. 😆

    28 April 2011 at 02:20
    after watching all the boisterous videos on the elections, i revisited this article. my biggest fear is that if the morning after is indeed an 87:0 situation, every last energy of this democracy movement that has been seeded will be sucked dry. the higher one reaches, the harder the fall. i really hope just this once, singaporeans will walk the talk, and vote with your conscience.

  2. Everyone can b as disappointed as he/she wants lah, but ultimately the man gotta do wot he wanna do! Dis ees a free country, after all 😆

  3. I respect him. A GRC win will cripple PAP that they no longer hold power and knock down a minister. What superb timing when people are frustrated, and opposition candidates coming in droves with good calibre.

    For those who think otherwise of his strategy, you might be living in fear far too long until PAP. IF not now, when? Must everything be so sui-sui then make a move? I give Low an his team full credit and courage.

    He is telling us – the power is in our hands to make a difference.


  4. I think the WP is going for broke because its reading of the ground is that there
    will never be another chance as good as now….the sore points with the voter are : FT invasion, high cost of living, astronomical HDB prices,no NS for 1st time PRs, overly generous scholarships for PR at local IHLs,high ministerial pay but no meaningful wage increases for the average Singaporean, over burdened public transport infrastructure, botched Mas Selamat episode, over budget YOG, 50 year freak flash floods ,and for the Malay Singaporeans – an insult and disbelief in their loyalty, I think WP may be right…I certainly wish so.

  5. Ken, every election, there are major issues but the framework to get into Parliament is such that it’s not easy for the Opp, esp with GRCs, PAP stranglehold on grassroots organisations, backing of big business bodies etc etc for the status quo…

    At best, SMC mayb a couple… but mayb only Hougang will be left standing. Mrs Chiam may be earnest, but she doesn’t impress, cos earnest aunties r a dime a dozen in Sg 😥 but none are aspiring to enter P on an Opp ticket, leh!

  6. Kaff, many pple in Sg respect Opp leaders who have gotten into P and stayed there, election after election.

    But dis time, think Messrs Low n Chiam have bitten off more than they can swallow. Cld have contested the GRCs to get $16KX4/5/6 speak/air time but big guns shld have aimed for SMCs only. Not because they r chicken but because these r practical inroads into the PAP flank. Now, come May 7 and it cld be Tiananmen Sq for the Opp for the next five years. So sad! 😥

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