Natural selection, attraction or just 4 laughs?

One friend lamented to me her disappointment that Dr Vincent Wijeyasingha joined the Singapore Democratic Party instead of the Workers Party.

I also have the same lament, except that in my case it’s over why Tan Jee Say is contesting under the SDP banner instead of becoming a WP candidate.

Mulling over this, it dawned on me that there appears to have been a rather even spread of “new” talent across all the Opposition parties, and no concentration in any one party.

The WP has snared corporate legal big wig, Chen Show Mao, while the National Solidarity Party has two former government adminis and scholars, Tony Tan and Hazel Poa. Besides, there is Nicole Seah who is more youth and raw enthusiasm than talent, as such.

Meanwhile, Mr Chiam See Tong of the Singapore People’s Party has attracted his own former garmen admini and scholar, Benjamin Pwee.

In addition, the SDP has a much interviewed psychiatrist Dr Ang Yong Guan on board as well as James Gomez and Teo Soh Lung both of whom aren’t so much new talent as yesterday’s personalities. Also, Alex Tok, who was once the Reform Party’s talent.

Alas, the RF is now left with the heir of its founder, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, and its only apparent talent, old or new.

The unravelling of the RF may hold the key to why no single Opposition party has managed to attract most, if not all, the new talent of calibre in one fell swoop.

And that is, as one Chinese proverb says: One mountain can’t house two tigers.

Or perhaps some of the new catch are simply having fun and games, to jazz up the atmospherics be4 the Real Thing?

One would know for sure only by noon on Wednesday which is when nominations close.

If any of the hot cakes donning Opposition colours are in its just for laughs, then surely they won’t want waving good-bye to  $16K to be part of the game!


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