Tan Jee Say rocks!

we enjoy ribbing u!

see the similarity?

That was what a dear friend text me yesterday after TJS’s intention to stand as a Singapore Democratic Party candidate became public.

My friend has since added further endorsements.

TJS’s “sound bite last nite on gratitude vs servitude was really good” and “his voice is rather nice too”.

When I asked said friend whether friend would agree with my observation that the SDP candidate-designate looks like Cai Xin Yeh, friend replied “he’s got an earnest face and a nice smile”.

seriously earnest
And that’s the striking difference between the Opposition candidates and some of the long serving PAP candidates.
Look at Mr Chen Show Mao and Ms Nicole Seah. OK, these are political newbies and haven’t become battle worn yet. But then what about Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Low Thia Khiang? Their faces are all aglow in recent months, despite taking five years’ worth of brow-beating in Parliament!
Perhaps the answers to this mystery are a) when you aren’t running the country, life is easier, because you don’t have the stress of controlling 5 million+ (peeps not $) and b) when you are not all alone running an Opposition Party because you can’t attract or keep followers!
Let’s hope politics won’t take too heavy a toll on Jee Say’s generally sunny disposition! 
Meanwhile, Jee Say, jiayu! The Lunch Party supports your aspirations and wishes you all the best!
Trust the last meal we had at China Box on April 1 won’t be the last time we break bread — scramble for the last pork rib or fried bean curd  — together for too long! 

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