Her 10th birthday here!

s'pore stopover birthday

Tonight I was at small gathering to celebrate a little girl’s 10th birthday. Although she’s only 10, she’s truly international.

Her mother currently lives in Kuala Lumpur while she lives most of the year with her dad in London.

One set of cousins live in Connecticut in the US while another set lives in Sydney. Her great grandmother lives in Vancouver with a whole posse of relatives.

And her ever peripatetic grandmother — my friend — splits her time between four corners of the globe: namely Sydney, KL, London and Connectticutt. And yes, my friend occasionally drops by in Singapore too where she’s lived for the most part of her life.

The dispersal of this little girl’s family across the world isn’t by any means unique any more. More Singaporeans and more offspring of Singaporeans are living away from this unique city state. Further away and for longer stays.

In 10 years, 40 years, 100 years, Singapore will no doubt still be here. But Singaporeans?

Will it be a case of where have all the flowers gone? Gone to overseas every one?

When will we ever learn?


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