Parking lot prayer miracle

Visitors to this blog will know that since I was taught the Parking Space prayer in March 2010, I’ve been using this prayer successfully, more times than I’ve recorded in my posts.

In the past, I tried to invoke divine help only if i needed a parking lot for a serious reason. Now, I’ve become less stringent after hearing a friend’s take on such invocations.

She reasoned that if we ask for divine help for good things, it shouldn’t be any problem. So in the case of the parking lot prayer, we simply ask for a lot for ourselves, not ask that anyone else be denied one to satisfy us.

In the realm of good prayers answered, our gain shouldn’t and wouldn’t be any one else’s loss!

I buy that interpretation whole-heartedly and so have been less abstemious about praying for a lot whenever the situation seems tight.

That’s why I found myself praying for a lot last Thursday when i went for my regular chair yoga session at Kampung Glam Community Club.

I usually try to be early so that there was no need to pray for a parking lot. Unfortunately last Thursday afternoon was all thunder and rain and I didn’t get to leave for my session till quite late.

What with the heavy traffic between my home and Kampung Glam, I didn’t arrive till close to 7pm when the skies were clearing, the heavy rain had petered off to mere intermittent light drops and the whole of Singapore and more were descending in the open air carpark around the community club.

There wasn’t a single empty lot, with many cars double parking, with or without drivers within, suggesting that every time a lot emptied, someone would be ahead of me.

I circled the carpark twice  and was resigned to having to park at the nearby multi-storey carpark at Blk 13, which i loathe to do, having an irrational “thing” against parking in HDB multi-storey carparks!

Then I began to pray automatically even tho I was secretly afraid that I might have left things  a little late, because I wasn’t the only car circling the packed carpark.

And heck, a car was coming out of a lot, just as I had passed it and the car which was ahead of me was now behind me (that’s what happens when one is circling) and he was in pole position to grab that lot!

Still I didn’t abandon my prayer even tho I really and truly thought it would take a real miracle for it to be answered.

Then lo and behold, the car in the next lot also started to ease out and as the tail of my car was in the way, I inched forward to allow it room to to exit.

Oh good, I thought, now I would have a lot when lo and behold, the car which was behind me and which I expected to take the earlier lot vacated was actually aiming for this second lot!

Shucks! My car manoeuvring skills weren’t up to “chiong” with him.

Then, a real miracle happened. The lady next to the driver of the 2nd car exiting, got out of the car and came to me with a car parking coupon. All smiles. As I wound down my window, she explained that there were 25 minutes left. She took her time about it.

The driver of the car that was gunning for their parking lot lost patience. He filtered out and drove off.

The lady returned to her car and the driver (her hubby? boyfriend?) vacated their parking lot in such a way that allowed me to reverse into it with no problem at all. And if there were any competing cars eyeing the same lot, they kept their distance.

After I parked and got out of my car, I realised why the other driver didn’t want the lot that was vacated be4 the lot that finally became mine.

It turned out to be a handicapped person’s reserved lot!

This account of how I got my parking lot shows that the parking lot prayer works even when the situation suggests otherwise. Otherwise why would the lady give me her car parking coupon and foiled the other driver from snatching the lot from me?

So, drivers united, let’s say together whenever your chance of a parking lot looks slim:

Hail Mary, full of grace, help me find a parking space!


2 thoughts on “Parking lot prayer miracle

  1. Always wondered about the spelling for Kampong Glam.

    It is should be spelled the way it is pronounced

    Kampong Glum

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