PAP won’t contest one seat?

Or is there one more People’s Action Party newcomer waiting in the wings to be introduced? Or, better still, one of the 18 who stood down will be called back to serve due to popular demand?

I ask these questions because the numbers for the PAP don’t seem to add up at this stage.

18 out. 1 to return?

Twenty-four new candidates have been rolled out while 18 serving MPs, including office holders, have stood down, according to the Straits Times. (left)

Two PAP MPs have died while in office.

There are three additional seats in Parliament.

That means the PAP would need 87 candidates to contest the coming GE.

Here is the math:

PAP holds 82 seats in current 84-seat Parliament

(2 MPs died)

(18 stepped down)

24 new comers

Implied number of PAP candidates to date: 86

Number of available seats in next Parliament 87


4 thoughts on “PAP won’t contest one seat?

  1. Yes, Blur, he asked if he may quote me. But he quoted the least useful stuff. I would prefer he quoted the bit that far better SGX seek alliance, merger, whatever closer to home ie with SHG or HK or both (all mentioned in earlier posts) … Guess our SPH journalists will never rid themselves of their cultural cringe! 😥

  2. Yeh, a friend pointed out that Sitoh is that “missing” candidate: he’s neither a newbie nor a retiring PAP MP. 😥

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