Final guess: poll date May 7?

Third time lucky?

I’ve tried picking the date for the polls twice already: here and here.

But the first date has come and gone. So fail!

The second date has also become impossible.

This is because there has to be at least 15 days between the day the President dissolves Parliament and issues the Writ of Election , and Polling Day.

Today is already April 16 and there’s no sign of Parliament being dissolved — yet. So my second guess is also dead in the water. So fail again!

But I’m one Sgporean who isn’t afraid of failure, at least teeny, weeny ones.

So, I’m sticking out my scrawny neck again.

Two hot dates have been suggested in a report in the Yahoo website which quotes two political pundits’ views on which date is more likely for GE 2011 day of reckoning.

Director of the Institute of Policy Studies, Ong Keng Yong feels May 7 is more likely, he told The Straits Times, according to the Yahoo site.

Political watcher and law lecturer Eugene Tan, however, felt May 3 is a more likely date for Singapore to go to the polls as it will come just after the goodies from the $3.2 billion Grow and Share Package will be disbursed.

For my money, I would go with Keng Yong’s May 7 date, not least because May 3 would be most unusual as no polling day has ever fallen on a work/week day (at least not in my memory) and May 3 is a Tuesday.

May 3 also comes after a public holiday on May 2 which replaces May 1, the actual public holiday which falls on a Sunday this year, making the following day (ie May 2) a public holiday.

As polling day will also be a public holiday, if it falls on May 3, there would then be two public holidays together, something that happens only for Chinese New Year! And as they would come after a week end, imagine what many Singaporeans will do?

Why, speed away for a short holiday, of course, leaving fewer voters to vote!

Is that what the PAP wants especially when, as a government, it made voting compulsory?

It’s against this backdrop that I will put all my chips on May 7!

All should be unveiled tomorrow or next week at the latest and I would know once and for all if I’ve any chance as a political forecaster in my next career!


12 thoughts on “Final guess: poll date May 7?

  1. If it’s May 7, alot of undergrads and parents would not be listening or going to the rallies. It’s exams time. University exams would finish by 7 May, while for primary and secondary schools, it would end by 14 May. Thus I think May 21 is good – there’s also a public holiday (17 May Vesak Day) for more rallies and walkabouts to engage the public.

  2. Blur if it’s yr mum’s birthday, then it’s as good a reason as any to have GE N a public holiday! 😀

  3. Ashton, your reasoning is as good as mine. Perhaps PAP will hold GE as n when the Opp is dead tired with preparations? 😆

    Actually, rallies to my me are so last century stuff. Would you go to a sweaty carpark to listen and listen with a thinking mind, exams or no exams? 😛

  4. Yeh, Ashton! Don’t believe in 4-Ds… 10000 combination leh! Give me the casino any time as the odds there are a lot better, if one is disciplined and plays very small 😎

  5. Ashton, u probably never tried 4D. When there are three distinct numbers, the combinations come up to 100 times, I think. That means I must lay out at least 600 bucks for a $1 big/small each over 3 4D draws per week. For that sort of money, I can go to the casinos over several days n still have change left over (not counting the levy, of cos!) 😛

  6. My dear…you were third time lucky. Polling Day is indeed 7 May. So you can buy 0507 or 0705 (for 7th May). Anyway, went down this morning to buy these 2 numbers. Sigh…all sold out. Others were faster. Will bang my head against the wall if either of these numbers come up!

  7. How silly of me to think that they would consider giving time to the varsity students to listen or go to the rallies. But of course, 7 May is the best timing; the campaigning is right smack in their exams. I read of so many who wanted to go down to volunteer/help out with the opposition but alas, for the exams.

  8. Ashton, nothing to stop u from choosing to fail an exam or two in return for freedom to help. In other countries, pple give their lives just to get a chance for others to have freedom 😆

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