He gave his looks for Singapore

Mr Chiam See Tong shown on TV tonight at the Toa Payoh Bus Interchange trying to distribute pamphlets to passers by was a heart-breaking sight.

Worse was when he was interviewed by Mediacorp.

His bent head; his barely audible voice. Even at this stage, he is hoping to go from Potong Pasir, a single member ward, to the Biashan-Toa Payoh Group Respresentation Constituency.

I remember his first attempt at getting into Parliament. It was back in Cairnhill when Cairnhill (and indeed the whole of Singapore) was a single member ward.

My home then was behind the Hyatt Hotel. So I was naturally a Cainhill voter.

If by looks alone, then Mr Chiam with his trade mark Volksvagen Beatle would have won hands down against his opponent, PAP strong man Mr Lim Kim San who was far older and crustier.

Well, Mr Chiam didn’t win that first time.

This time round he is 30 years older and not in the best of health.

But what he has going for him now is the fact he is one Singaporean who loves his country so much that he has willingly given up his looks and health just to be heard.

Give the man your vote?

Chiam as he is today 😦

Chiam as he once was


Pictures grabbed from the Internet 


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