2 mysteries & my Marina Bay Sands wins

In the run-up to the 2011 General Election, two mysteries have surfaced — at least they seem like mysteries to me.

First is the teariness of Mr Lim Boon Heng, the secretary-general of the NTUC, when he was asked about “group think” in the PAP at a recent press conference.

He hint-hint that he was against the casinos aka the integrated resorts so that’s one example of no group think. And he wept, apparently, at the havoc the casinos have already wreaked on the well-being of some Singaporeans.

I find this a mystery. Why should the casinos cause such havoc when legal gambling is already big time and well entrenched in Singapore?  4D, Toto, horse racing, football betting, lucky draws, Big Sweep and the ubiquitous slot machine rooms at private clubs and at the NTUC’s own Downtown East.

Also does Mr Lim, as NTUC boss, know that many (perhaps all?) Fairprice supermarkets actually host Singapore Pools outlets? I’ve even seen Fairprice employees manning the 4D and Toto booth at the Square 2 Fairprice.

Perhaps Mr Lim was more upset by the IRs cannabalising that slice of NTUC income that comes via the NTUC Club’s slot machines and Sg Pool sub-tenancies?

Now for the second mystery which relates to all those self-appointed political analysts relentlessly dissecting the PAP’s every move. Many are now surmising from Mr Lim’s tears and hint-hint re disagreements over the casinos that there are cracks surfacing at the all encompassing PAP terrain.

I really expected these analysts to see the skull beneath the skin; not jump at what appears obvious!

Still, never mind.

Time now to share my own happiness at another successful joust at the Marina Bay Sands. Below are the latest lot of loot I left at the end of my 19th n 20th visits on April 5 and April 11.

Yup, the latest amount had declined from what I collected on March 31 (18th visit) but higher than what I was left with on April 5, the 19th visit at the end of which I gave back about 25% of my March 31 winnings.

net win on April 5


net win on April 11

Actually, my winnings (see pix right) on my latest visit (April 11) had gone all the way to $660 but along the line i forgot my “harvest, harvest” mantra and my target to recoup my $2000 one-year entrance levy.

I shall be more careful at the next visit which hopefully I can fit in sometime next week. Ah anticipation!

PS I’ve not put in any fresh money since the signficant $330 loss in early January, churning my accumulated small winnings on every subsequent visit. Now isn’t that a mystery too? My ability to hang on to my winnings, I mean 🙄

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