Virtual ‘Shadow’ Government

Mr Low Thia Khiang, Workers Party secretary general, and his party’s chairman, Ms Sylvia Lim, have been reported in the MSM as well as the Internet that neither their party nor the other Opposition parties are ready to form a government.

Ms Lim was attributed with saying that the WP is not even ready to form a shadow cabinet yet — especially one that is made up of experienced professionals who can look after public policies in all areas!

I wish these WP stalwarts would be less defeatist!

I’ve a suggestion for them:  So they can’t form a government, not even a shadow one, in real life! But with the ubiquity of the Internet, why not create a virtual government where they can practise-practise lah and provide alternatives in cyberspace for Sgporeans to savour, critique and judge.

Why in the virtual Parliament where the WP is the government, they can set the rules. No more Group Representation Constituencies. Only Single Member Constituencies. The ruling WP’s virtual cabinet members can make speeches and broadcast them on Youtube for potential voters and the world to view and hear.

The possibilities for reaching out are almost infinite.

Why not give the idea a try?

And maybe, just maybe, in the general election after that for 2011, Uncle Low and Sister Sylvia will be less diffident about the WP’s ability to rustle up a shadow government! And beyond that, the real thing could be in sight 😮


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