Now for some pro-PAP views

Online aggregators have a tendency to be wholly biased towards the Opposition and show this by mostly providing links that are anti PAP.

They don’t — perhaps never — show links like that below which points to what Gena Ong, a fengshui practitioner, has to say about our Government and complaints against the Government.

Further, it’s not only PAP big wigs who are defending Tin Pei Ling, a PAP candidate-designate. Besides moi, there’s Petunia Lee as evidenced by the following posts:

So, the likes of Mr Brown and Mr Wang et al aren’t the sole arbiters of political taste in Singapore, thank goodness! 😛

4 thoughts on “Now for some pro-PAP views

  1. I say enough of this pap smearing. Ungrateful masses after sucking from the teats of lky, ggt, lsl and now complaining over petty petty issues. Lky should use his hard tooth to make a impression on the rump of these fools.

  2. Todd Ridges? If you are a true PAP fan, u wld know that we have no govt big wigs with the initials GGT and LSL! Also Uncle, both your email address (hotnail???) and your comment sound suspiciously sarcastic! 😆

    Still I let your comment stand and let visitors judge for themselves!

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