We tasted Paradise!

Ever since Picky Siti joined our household to look after mum, we’ve been eating less and less pork, as it’s very difficult to plan meals that cater specifically to one. By leaving out pork from the menu, it makes it easier for the principal planner and shopper — moi!

Hence when we eat out and Picky isn’t in tow — she occasionally isn’t — we invariably go to places where pork is on practically every item on the menu.

Hence last Wednesday, when i took mum for an early birthday celebration, just the two of us, I chose Paradise Dynasty at ION.

Alas, when we got out of the lift I lost my orientation and to my horror as we got close to the restaurant I found that I had steered mum with her weak legs towards the pricier Taste Paradise instead.

When I pointed out my mistake, mum threw one of her tantrums.

“I don’t care! i can’t walk any more.”

Thankfully, even tho we didn’t have a table booking and the restaurant was pretty full — the wait people quickly cleared a table just beyond the entrance and had mum and me seated quickly.

The service was accommodating. Although we chose the least pricey of the set menu, when we asked to change the dessert (as I didn’t want set dessert which had coconut in it), we were offered alternatives from the higher priced menus.

Be4 accepting, I thought of asking if the price would be adjusted accordingly; then thought better of it, as it was mum’s pre-birthday treat after all, and nowadays food was the only thing that she enjoyed with unalloyed pleasure!

We had a delicious unhurried meal, served with unobstrusive thoughtfulness. The udon with char siew was particularly yummy and that’s saying a lot — from someone who isn’t fond of normal char siew. I think it’s because the meat used was what’s traditionally used for siew yoke, sans skin!

The pork soup with a generous helping of unprocessed fa gao was better than good and mum savoured every spoonful and began talking about the old days and the restaurants serving similar soup she used to go. It (the soup) was good to the very last drop!

Ditto the honey sauced cod fish, generous in size and superior in taste and bite.

Only the appetiser with prawns done three ways didn’t quite hit the spot for me but then as friends would tell you, I’m not a great fan of prawns, done whichever way!

Here are pix of what we ate except for the dessert of an aloe vera concotion which was so good that we finished everything be4 I remembered that there was no photo as momento. The same happened with the soup, except I remembered in time to shoot the empty individual soup pot be4 it was cleared away.

We will definitely return to Paradise! Especially, yes especially, when there was no extra charge for the dessert from pricier sets!

prawn trio to start

good to very last drop!

honeyed cod

udon n innovative char siew

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