Ms Tin Pei Ling, you go girl…

and show your nay-sayers that you are a lady not for burning! Or turning!

Sure, you are all of 27 but that’s your advantage against all those jealous uncles, aunties, Bengs and western liberal wannabe camp followers: most of whom have had their best years behind them. Your best years are all before you!

Sure you chose to marry a high-flyer who is the principal private secretary to our Prime Minister. What is wrong with that?

Any mother would applause such a sensible and wise choice. If I had a daughter, and she married PM’s PPS, I would consider myself and my family blessed. So being the wife of PPS to PM is definitely a plus where I’m concerned. Your husband would be an issue only if he’s a convicted felon — and you try to hide it!

While all the spinsters who missed their boat because they aimed too high and all those spinsters to be — because they are still pursuing time waster projects like GAHB — are green at the gills that at your age you’ve already turned your GAHB into a hubby, it’s no reason for them to pick on you.

OK, so it seems you might have had a boyfriend — or maybe two? — in the past. Let me rephrase something that was said to me when I was very young. If you have no boyfriend when you are 16, you must be damn choosy. If you have no boyfriend when you are 24, you must be damn ugly — or worse!

Having had boyfriends is no sin. Being able to choose the better or best option from the slate available is your good fortune.

Finally, the question about what you regret most and your answer about not taking your parents to Universal Studios: the person who should have been hauled over the coals is the one who posed such a stupid template question!

What does someone of 27 doing so well in so many ways have to regret? If I were you, I would have answered: “I don’t have any till I find I have to answer a stupid question like yours!”

But seriously speaking, it’s important that you take your parents as soon as possible. Forget the upcoming GE for a few hours and go with them. I say this from personal experience. I never heeded my mother’s wish to revisit Las Vegas (she had been once previously with friends) as that wasn’t my cup of tea.

Now, I want to take her to our integrated resorts but mum’s mind isn’t what it was and prefers only very short eating stints confined to places within minutes of drive away from our home.

So do steal a few hours be4 the hustings begin. You don’t know what being busy is till the next Parliament sits.

I hope you will become my Member of Parliament: provided you get to stand in the Tanjong Pagar Group Representation Constituency.

If as our PM says, the next PM will come from the 4th generation leaders, you stand a very good chance to be our first woman prime minister! I look forward to that development.

And btw, I do like your choice of handbags. :mrgreen:


13 thoughts on “Ms Tin Pei Ling, you go girl…

  1. krider09: your comment has been removed not because it’s offensive but simply because I don’t understand what u are trying to say. If you like, please post again and in English tt I can understand? TQ! Auntie Lucia

  2. For once, I am in strong agreement with your perspectives. The next generation is about the youth. And as youths, they, like us in the past, make mistakes as well. It’s admirable that besides money, Pei Ling is one of a rare breed of young Singaporeans who has decided to dedicate her early years of marriage to serve the community. It requires sacrifice that not many youths are prepared to do. And if no such youths come forward, we should worry about the future of Singapore. MPs who are doctors had to change their cars to identify with the population, not that they cannot afford branded models. Similarly, the key is to identify with the rest of the population. But we are not Generation Y or Z, having a branded bag to them is a norm rather than an exception.

  3. I am surprised to read this article – do you really believe all that stuff you wrote ?

    At this level of elections in Singapore , it is absolutely important that a person must be able to handle interesting questions – and answer she did – but it was a rather shallow reply within the context.
    As for her personal life – she should not have put it out there for public viewing – it is Politics 101 – especially in Singapore. You put it out there and it will come and haunt you. Interestingly enough – in the past – the politicians found out stuff about others without even the internet and publicised it !!
    On the whole – I think this child is not going to make it in politics – it would be interesting to find our what she thinks of her responsibilities when elected – chances are she will think that it is to talk to youths !!!
    In all an interesting person and an interesting article

  4. Uncle Keng, thanks for supporting my views for a change! Hope your family reunion’s going well!

  5. Voter1, I don’t mean to b rude but what’s so interesting abt being asked what you regret most in yr life 🙄

    You can bet I mean every word I wrote, as is the case of all I’ve written in this blog, if u care to go beyond the post on Ms Tin, who is the flavour of the moment.

    After all you’ve written, is your last sentence really what u mean to say, as it seems quite a contradiction to what u wrote earlier! 😛

  6. at first, like many others, i thought her answer to what she regretted most was kinda lame, but after i saw your entry, i changed my mind… in the end answers to such questions are very personal and who’s to say what’s lame or not… 🙂

  7. Quirky, the lameness isn’t in the answer but the dumb-ass question/questioner.

    “Regrets” questions are normally posed by normal thinking people to those who are about to step down or have stepped down; not to those who are about to embark on a new career 😆

    Even if questioners were anxious to shoot out that question, they should have saved that for if Ms Tin does not make it into Parliament or having made it there, doesn’t stay long!

  8. i see your point, but i think this kind of question can be posed to anyone at any point in their life 😛 i think some people can still see the answer to the biggest regret question as lame.

    a ‘non-lame’ answer would be something like ‘i have no regrets as everything in my past made me the person i am today’ or ‘a major event that i could have prevented, but which changed my life completely’. when compared with such answers, ‘not bringing my parents to universal studios’ does seem a little…… lame. 😛

  9. Haha, Quirky, let’s agree to disagree? Since u r in Ms Tin’s age bracket, what’s your greatest regret? 😛 😛

    Altho I’m not in her age group, if any one shld ask me that question, my current up2eminute answer would be: “I forgot to go to the ice-cream counter at the Ritz Carlton buffet”. Super lame right? Might need crutches to get away 😀

  10. I’m sure that’s why you are not a candidate and hopefully will not be one. Is it us being naive that we should have a representative who is clear headed and mature in thinking?

  11. Ping babe, is it clear headed and mature thinking to judge and then condemn a person via one or two media interviews? 🙄

    As for me being a candidate no such bad luck to serve the sort of Sgreans who jump all over Ms Tin! In any case, if Mrs Lim-Ho Geok Choo at 55 has to give way to a younger candidate, where at my age I got chance? So u needn’t worry 😆

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