A perfect day to end first quarter!

Today has been a perfect day for me, notwithstanding a piece of news I received on signing into my email account on reaching home after my weekly yoga session at Kampong Glam Community Club.

Even that news concerning a dear friend’s new phase of life might be considered good news, when viewed in the right perspective.

So what constitutes a perfect day for me?

First thing in the morning I was able to sell a few shares at a higher price than what I tried to sell them at yesterday but failed because the market didn’t reach my target price.

Then when I went to the Tanglin Club to pick up lunch for the family — as Thursday is Picky Siti’s major cleaning day so she can’t cook her two-dish meals — I found my favourite roast pork sandwich was available. Got that for everyone except Picky who had her chilly tuna. There was satay for all too.

Best of all, everything was packed in less than 20 minutes despite the lunch crowd in the Tavern and the Wheelhouse where I sourced my food.

Consequently, the family was able to have and finish their lunch well in time for my planned joust at Marina Bay Sands where winnings from my 15, 16 and 17 trips amounting to a grand total of $353 (below) were calling me to go for another round.

sweet winnings!

I know I’ll have no more than 3 hours in the casino be4 having to go for yoga and didn’t think I would do well. Still, my cash out tickets kept calling out to me and I succumbed.

I decided to be super cautious and psyched myself to “harvest, harvest” as i went round looking for my favourites slot machines, where my neighbours would be playing 250 bets and I just 10 bets!

Still, when my time was up, I was able to leave with a bigger haul (pix below) than when I came in.

left with bigger haul

And the perfect day had a really sweet ending as is always the case apres the yoga session. The sister of one of the instructors would invariably produce home-baked cakes.

Tonite, PT, the baker, outdid herself. She made kueh koswee and another type of kueh with a soft green base topped by coconut cream! The goodies disappeared faster than I could do a sun salute!

What a perfect end to the 2011 first quarter! 😀


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