Going Indian

I don’t normally eat Indian food. The times — few and far between — that I dig into the cuisine of the sub-continent is when I entertain Indian friends.

For that, I stick to the tried and trusted Wheelhouse of the Tanglin Club which I’ve often been told serves some of the best Indian food in Singapore. I won’t know since I’ve not eaten widely enough of Indian food!

Not surprisingly, my recent visit to Gayatri Restaurant in Race Course Road earlier this month was the 2nd time in almost a decade. The first time I was taken there was by Mediacorp’s “golden couple” who shall remain anonymous.

The latest was hosted by a jovial doctor. He normally treats very sick people but for a change he treated my brother, my sister-n-law and me to a meal at what appears to be the doctor’s favourite grub shop. The staff knew him like an old friend, altho he grumbled mockingly about their erratic way of billing intermittently!

As my brother is a doctor and my SIL is a pharmacist and the jovial host’s wife was a former nurse, I suddenly felt that I was in the wrong professional group! Or chosen the wrong profession to earn my bread, since the host and his wife are old family friends!

Still, there was nothing wrong with the jovial doctor’s choice of dishes, as he’s Indian (tho Singaporean) and knew his way around the Gayatri menu.

So a good meal was had by all, including a very good dessert (soft vermicelli floating in milky rosewater, cardamon and some nuts) –which name I forgot, as well as forgetting to take a pix, as by then we were all chin-wagging about the Susan Lim case about which the present medical company knew a lot of behind the scene nuggets!

feed is about 2 begin


SIL's mutton bryani


egg shows it's chicken bryani?

some shared dishes


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