I call this hypocrisy!

It’s that time of the year when Earth Hour is again emitting more hot air and no real light.

Imagine, thousands of candles reportedly having been lit last night in Orchard Road as greenie wannabes pledge to reduce their carbon footprint!

Don’t they know that candles also emit carbon monoxide?

Still, let those who want to light candles even as other switch off their lights carry on, year in and out. Their actions didn’t and won’t affect me.

What does affect me is when big big retailers like Ikea deny me my plastic bag to carry a duvet, a set of cover and pillow cases and other purchases, if I don’t pay 10 cents!

That’s done all in the name of environmental friendliness.

While i was miffed when it happened last week, I won’t have faulted Ikea, if at the same time the cashier didn’t also asked if I drove. When i nodded, she handed me an exit pass that entitled me to free parking worth some $3+ (which i discovered when I exited).

I really don’t get the maths.

Isn’t driving even more environmentally less friendly than plastic bags? So why charge me 10 cents for a plasty on the one hand and hand me free parking benefits on the other? 🙄


4 thoughts on “I call this hypocrisy!

  1. It also happens that candles are made from petroleum derivatives, and if you consider extraction, moulding, packaging, transporting, and the additional resources used to light them (matchsticks, lighter fluid), I think one would leave a greater carbon footprint in 1 hour burning candles than leaving the light on!


  2. Hi G2S! Wow someone’s on my wave length on this! G8! Actually, many pple r beginning to see the marketing con behind such environmentalist movements. There was a long article abt how these so-called re-useable yarn bags are worse that plasties in myapplemenu.com!
    And i’m always shocked by the amount of useless goody bags (n stuff within) that r given out at mass events, even those to save the world from global warming!

  3. I didn’t bother switching off anything. Just switch off the stuff I don’t use, turn off the water heater when the water isn’t cold whenever I can. I would have done my own part for Earth Hour WITHOUT the candles. I don’t believe in Earth Hour. I LIVE it every day of my life. 🙂

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