Descend 2 rustic French @ Prinsep Street

It’s March and time again to celebrate CK’s birthday. Last year the party was at 70 storeys above ground at JAAN par André at Swisshotel Stamford. Year be4 that, we went to Michael Han’s Fifty Three at Amenian Street. Wonder where would we go next year to drink to his significant landmark year?

For this year anyway, we came down to earth again as HTK chose, with our concurrence, to mark CK’s day at Le Bistrot du Sommelier. This year, there were only four of us hosting as the regular fifth is on long medical leave and felt it won’t do to be seen having a meal in public!

The restaurant’s location is a bit dicey. EC who drove me there in her immaculate top-of-the-range Merc claimed that it’s the first time she’s been back to Prinsep Street since her youngest sister was born in a private clinic situated there.

As her sister is well past 40, that tells you how far away from our eating radar that corner of Singapore is! 

Thankfully there was — and is — nothing dicey about Le Bistrot, especially its food which though rustic was real and robust, for which read plentiful, good quality and tasty.

The wait staff were warm and friendly, and accommodating — especially in regard to our request for five pieces of profiteroles to end our meal, because each was the size of a fist and none of us could manage a whole serving as that comprised two profiteroles!

Contrast this with the response to our request at another restaurant featured in this blog (not linking dat placce but do a search in this blog and you will strike lucky!).

 That place served dishes tapas style and every item tended to come in a plate of five. As there were six of us, we asked if they minded serving us an extra piece with the price per dish adjusted accordingly.

The answer was that they minded ie a flat no! That night, each of us took turns in having less than our share as the different dishes were served. Which left us with a bad taste in the mouth, besides finding the high price and the mostly indifferent food hard to swallow!

Now back to Le Bistrot.

The staff’s thoughtfulness was underlined from the word go.

We were told that the cooking of the pre-ordered cote de beuf won’t start till everyone had arrived so that the meat won’t be overdone! As I don’t eat beef, wild snapper was suggested for my main course and I gladly accepted. It turned out to be excellent.

 We shared our starters. A 150 gm worth of pork terrine and fresh herring with salad. They bothered to make sure there were five slices of herring in the salad, so that each of us could have a tasting bite. OK perhaps that’s a co-incidence ie they always cut the herring into five pieces per serving. Even then, it’s a nice co-incidence.

As for the pork terrine, with a thick crust of fresh peppercorn, it was out of this world for me and I ate more of it than the others who wanted to save room for their beef. I couldn’t stop eating the restaurant’s own-made bagguette either but then I’m a bread basket 😳  as is obvious from some of my other posts!

(Aside: Thank goodness most who break bread with me are similarly inclined as one of the regular monthly lunchers remarked to me at our March meal:  “U’ve had your third roll”. I looked startled and guilty. “U’ve been counting?” I asked. “Not really, I’ve been counting what I’m eating and I noticed we each had three!”)

Now for the final verdict on Le Bistrot’s food: it’s good food made better by the very reasonable prices. The four hosts paid $98 each, which meant had the B-boy not been our guest but a Dutch treat, the per pax price would have been $78.40 and that included an excellent Merlot!

 I’ll drink to our next return! With two caveats: if only the Bistrot will open for lunch and it adds a restroom on the 2nd floor. To drink and then having to rush down to the one and only restroom in the restaurant on the first floor smack next to the kitchen could make one turn teetotaller!

herring all gone be4 I could snap!

I could clean up terrine myself!

my own snapper delight!

1kg cote de beuf -- LW's pix

happy birthday dear CK!


3 thoughts on “Descend 2 rustic French @ Prinsep Street

  1. Auntie Lucia, best meal I have had for some time now….enjoyed the delicious food indeed..every dish was superb…I am going back to this place again, definitely..

  2. Hi LW! U r always so appreciative of good food! The restaurants we visit as a group must make u their ambassador since u r always the one to return again n again! The rest mostly don’t! Remember GOTO? 😀

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