Mr Wong Kan Seng, please don’t…

…score your own goal!

What you said about the Opposition parties shooting for Group Representation Constituencies was quite unnecessary, just like — dare I say it? — Mr Goh Chok Tong bringing up the story of Dr Seet Ai Mee washing her hands on the eve of the 1991 general election.

Twenty years later, Mr Wong, you may be doing the same, if you or your colleagues continue on the same tack.


You said: “‘Some say they are doing it for party renewal, some want to be the first ones to do so, but what is the election about? Is it about the ambitions of a political party or individuals to make history?’

But Mr Wong, what is wrong with a political party and individuals wanting to make history, so long as those harbouring such ambitions on achieving them ensure that Singaporeans in general are free from want, disease and corruption and can exercise responsible expression?

Don’t tell me that the PAP in being super determined to stay in power isn’t ambitious to make history, leave a legacy along with serving the people?

Mr Wong, by all means suggest to the Opposition that it would be kinder on their chances of  better performance in the 2011 election if they don’t bite off more than they can chew — or deliver.

Even this may be considered patronising from a political opponent and may be best left to the likes of kaypohs like me, Yawning Bread and Singapore Mind!

Our Prime Minister wants a kinder and gentler Singapore. Please don’t spoil the mood, OK?


7 thoughts on “Mr Wong Kan Seng, please don’t…

  1. Since when has any govt minister been able to string together coherent statements, for the past decade or even longer? Lots of gall and skin as thick as elephants’ is really all you need. That accounts for the virtually ceaseless dropping of bloopers in public by the govt.

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  3. Anon: if govt ministers r thick-skinned, pple like you complain. If they are thin-skinned n sue, then others will complain. Tough to be government ministers, no? 🙄

  4. auntielucia,

    Wrong. As far as our govt is concerned, its ministers in fact has the cushiest of jobs.

  5. Anon, I’ve to edit you as I don’t wish to debate Mas Selamat, Ministerial pay etc in this particular post. Thank you for your interest!

  6. Anon: who’s afraid? haha, it’s u lah otherwise u won’t be anon right? 😀
    Me censor? u must b kidding! I just don’t want to let u use my blog as a platform for yr idiosyncracies.
    Lastly, I will show u wot censorship means: next time u comment on the same tired subjects in my blog, u wld be deleted. So go go figure! 👿

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