Polling Day: April 30?

Ok, this is my last guess.

If Parliament is dissolved after the next sitting on April 11, there are some 19 days to play with, for Nomination Day, rallies etc.

If polling day is April 30, we would all have gotten back our radio n TV licences fees by then. And may be a tad generously disposed towards the PAP. After all $110 per household is still $110!

Then there are the Budget goodies to look forward to in May, kicking off with a Labour Day cum PAP victory rally on May 1. And follow that up with a public holiday on Monday to replace the May 1 public holiday which falls on a Sunday.

Neat and efficient. Just like the people who have governed Singapore for 45 years.

Still, I got the polling date wrong the last time. Probably will get it wrong again this time. But this is less expensive than gambling at Marina Bay Sands even at a couple of cents a time 🙄


2 thoughts on “Polling Day: April 30?

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