Super mean!

One would think with the triple tragedies threatening to overwhelm the Japanese nationtemporarily that we in Singapore would be so thankful for our good fortune of never ever having to suffer earthquakes, tsunamis or nuclear crises, we would by and large be mindful of our every day actions  — at least while Japan remains prime news.

So you could knock me down with a feather when leaving Marina Bay Sands this afternoon (if Dr Vivian Balakrishnan wants to know, it’s my 15th visit this year!) after almost six hours of rollicking good fun at the slots — up about $30 on balance 😀 — to see a car parked in a lot reserved for handicapped drivers!

How super mean!

I’m glad that someone in MBS had wheel-clamped the car. Hope that will teach the driver not to avail himself/herself of the most convenient lot, especially when it’s not as if the carpark is full!

Here’s a pix of the meanie’s car but in deference to what’s happening in Japan, I’ve blacked out the vehicle number plate to prevent identification.

Well clamped!


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