Last gasp @ Ichiban Boshi

I’m practical.

With everyone already donating and/or rushing to help those affected in Japan by the earthquakes and tsunami, I decided instead to direct my night chanting to the well-being of the people in Japan. This will go on till some resolution is found for the dicey nuclear plants.

I’m practical.

Today I switched plans to lunch at Subway Great World City — promised to mum’s Picky who had asked to eat there — and instead moved the three of us up to B1 where long-time favourite Ichiban Boshi is.

I explained to Picky, that given the nuclear situation in Japan at the moment, we could be getting food scares some time soon and so better pile up on Japanese food be4 the scares become full blown and we would feel obliged to abstain, along with the herd.

memory from the menu

So, we had a good lunch as usual at Ichiban. Mum n I went for the excellent value sushi and sashimi set (left) between us plus a side order of salmon tetaki washed down with a small bottle of sake, while Picky had tempura udon and a plate of maki.

We ate everything down to the last grain of rice, the last garnishing, remembering that in Japan, too many ordinary people have suddenly found themselves short of food and water thru no fault of their own.

Afterwards, I bought a pack of salmon gills for our home and some cod for my sister plus a tub of miso for us to share, even though we already have a newly opened tub in the chiller. It’s all about stocking up!

No time to rush to my other everyday favs — Ajisen and Tanpopo — to have my fill of Japanese food. Hopefully, the radiation fears are overblown and I won’t be forced to keep away from Nippon cuisine for too long!


2 thoughts on “Last gasp @ Ichiban Boshi

  1. Hi,
    I’m from The New Paper. I was just wondering if I would be able to ask you about your feelings towards Japanese products at this point in time.
    Please let me know asap if and how I can contact you.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Email me at; gimme your contact number and prior agreement to use only my nik and url, if u are quoting me. I’ll call u right away, if u agree to my terms. 😀

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