Japan’s 8.9 quake: one person’s experience

An authentic 1st person experience as sent by a Japanese friend of a friend who inquired if his friend in Tokyo was all right:

“Thank you Chin San.

Fortunately, my family members are all safe and dry. But it took more than 4 hours to confirm that they are all safe due to telephone jam. This quake was the strongest one I’ve experienced in my life.

According to meteorologist, an earth quake of this  magnitude would happen once in 5000 years. This time, similar one hit 4 times within only a short time in 400km range.

I was so scared that I could not do anything but hide under the table with my mum. I built 4 story house 2 years ago with same structure and material as they use to construct high-rise building since many professors have been predicting big earthquake will hit Tokyo within next 10 years with good chance that in will happen in the next 5 years.

But this earthquake isn’t in the place they predicted so another may still come — hopefully smaller than this time.

I spent US$1.5 million for a small house on 160m2 land. My house is fire protected. Fire will not move to other floors if we close the door. All the furniture is fitted and with the sensor  don’t open when unusual shake happens.

If tsunami attacks my area, we just go to top floor that’s 13m high. All emergency kit is on the 4th floor.

The worst damage this time was caused by tsunami. Most of casualties was due to tsunami. My only concern is that my Volvo may be washed away in a tsunami.

I was watching tsunami attacking towns just like in a movie. In Tokyo most of public transportation stopped and thousands of people couldn’t go back home last night.

In any case, thank you again for your warm message to my family. It is still shaking now….when we are in bed we feel it more…”


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