Raining shower caps!

Back in November last year, I lamented the dearth of disposable shower caps for sale at supermarkets or pharmacies in Singapore.

My kind and good friend LW instantly came to my rescue with the promise to collect as many new disposable shower caps as she could when she travelled and stayed in hotels where the item is freely given to guests.

my haul

As she travelled heck of a lot for someone who isn’t a pilot, air hostess or road warrior, I received a large diverse collection last week end.

In fact, LW gave me some already at our Jan 1 dinner hosted by HWSNBN but I wanted to wait for the whole collection to be put together be4 taking a commemorative pix.

As she handed me the collection, HWSNBN — who was also present — was a bit curious as to why disposable shower caps aren’t available — let alone widely! — at retail outlets unlike disposable gloves and face masks.

“Don’t cooking staff at big restaurants have to wear disposable head gear? And doctors and assistants in the op theatre?”

He’s got a point there. But I guess restaurants and hospitals like hotels probably get their supply direct from manufacturers and whole-salers.

What I don’t get is why no retailer here has thought it worthwhile to start selling disposable shower caps, like they do in supermarkets in major cities in China!

Maybe Fairpirce and/or Unity should steal a march on the Dairy Farm group by starting to sell them in Singapore?


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