I got a “stylish” blogger award!

award! award!

Probably much undeserved but the bloggers I interact with most frequently are very kind and generous people, unlike the other kind who spend most, if not all, of their time hitting out at P.A.P.

So a big thank you to Petunia Lee for giving me the award. And I’ve back-linked to you as required by the award’s rules.

Also,  I’ve to pass on the award to the 15 blog writers I enjoy most. So here goes!

I’m excluding Pet who gave me the award and Blur Ting who has already been given the award by Petunia!

Topping my own list is Singapore Surf which, to my mind, is the best aggregator of all views and news on Singapore. In addition, the SS blog also collects links to ecclectic but intelligent and informative articles from top overseas news and commentary websites.

My second fav is Everything Also Complain whose owner is always on the ball in taking a quirky yet intelligent look at comments and complains carried in local media.

A fan of EAC, like me, is Quirkyhill run by a young woman who has just started work. Quailty writing, hers.

Another blog I follow because of the quality writing belongs to Cindy who calls it Thinkcink. It’s a wholesome version of Sex & the City.

I also like Frugal Singaporean which unfortunately doesn’t get updated often.

For the remaining 10 awardees, I refer you to my blogroll on the right had column. Take your pick.  Each and every one of them (excluding my own alter ego blogs of cos) deserves an award! 😎


6 thoughts on “I got a “stylish” blogger award!

  1. Thanks for the shout-out!Unfortunately can’t be ‘on the ball’ lately cos of wordpress hacking…yeah still on downtime!misery….

  2. Hi Gdy2shoez! At long last u r commenting here 😛

    WP has notified me that they’ve removed all blocks n our blogs shld once again be working. Hope yours is by now.

    My only problem is tt the tag box has disappeared for good n no response fm WP support despite 3 emails on topic! 🙄

  3. Not at all Quirky. U write with minimalist verve! Some of us seniors, moi included, could learn from you to write less cluttered prose!

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