Z’s treat at TWG

I’m one lucky babe as I’ve got more than a handful of friends who appear to like to pamper me.

And I’m occasionally a bit of a rude broad when it comes to accepting gifts from these friends, even when I just got to know them and should be on my best behaviour.

Like this kind and lovely woman blogger whom I met up with recently because I wanted to palm off a large cannister of two-months-2-expiry fish capsules to her pet dog. I had been careless enough to leave the cannister right at the back of my choc a block fridge and had forgotten all about them.

In return, she offered me a large bottle of enzymes, fresh from the manufacturers — probably out of courtesy as she didn’t want to leave me empty handed.

But me being me, I’ve not ever taken enzymes knowingly on their own be4 and didn’t feel inclined to start for no reason other than I’ve been given some.

So I declined, in the best way I knew how, perhaps missing out on something that would have done my health a lot of good.

Just like I would have missed out on a most delicious experience had I not accepted Z’s lunch treat at TWG at ION or cunningly steered towards another meeting point.

If truth be told, I was a bit hesitant at first when Z nominated the place as I’ve passed the place countless times and it looked both faux and expensive, not a good combi in my books.

Still, I was the guest and it might not be good to suggest somewhere else.

And boy, am I glad I didn’t!

$500 each leh!

The service at TWG was impeccable on the day — Feb 25 — we were there.

Our tea came in tea pots said to cost $500 each.

I wanted what a single lady with a book at the next table was having — it looked interesting tho I wasn’t sure what it was — but the wait told us it’s part of the set menu and that had already sold out!

Z n KL's salmon

So I settled for a tuna mi-cuit which — gulp! –took ages in coming, causing the seared salmon with veal and mango sauce which Z and KL (a former student of Z’s) had ordered to cool as both politely insisted on not starting without me.

When my tuna order arrived, I felt a pang of having ordered the wrong thing. But it’s me who’s wrong.

The litely cooked minced tuna garnished with tender spinach shoots, arugula salad, beetroot n phyllo spinkled with sesame seeds n tossed in Sexy Tea infused vinaigrette was melt in the mouth ambrosaic and left me wanting more.

so good that it leaves me wanting more

Although I was full physically, mentally I could do with another plate of tuna mi-cuit, so good was the experience.

fuel for jousts with slots

Just as well that KL had to go back to work at his news agency while Z and I had our respective destinations, me to Marina Bay Sands for another quick joust, armed with a box of six macarons, a gift each from Z to us.

Chomping two of them (leaving four to take home for mum n her Picky maid) while testing my skills against the computerised slot machines was made all the sweeter, for two reasons: it was the first time I had tasted macaroons and also the first time I had some decent food on hand to fuel my gambling jousts!

Guess what I would be packing for MBS the next time I plan for a long stay! 💡


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