I won a 93.8 Live prize

Tatatata… on Wednesday, as I was idly waiting with mum in my car for her Picky Siti to return from the fortnightly delivery run of groceries to some “orang miskin” oldies at Blk 33 Bendemeer Road, I heard one of those 93.8 contests coming up on the radio…

I’ve heard these contest announcements countless times be4 but unfortunately, each time I was driving and daren’t risk trying to call the radio station to try my luck. Even if the traffic cops don’t get me, I could have an accident mah…

So, imagine my joy to be sitting in the car, twiddling my thumbs while waiting, and at long last to have a chance to try my hand… at a 93.8 contest, which incidentally offered as its prize something right down my alley: a booked called In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan!

So, imagine too how excited I was to be able to get thru right away  — at first try…

Guess the DJ Howie Lim was just as surprised at my rapid fire response — I had dialled thru almost be4 she finished speaking — because she asked for my name right away instead of, as the norm, to ask for the password which is : 93.8 Live gets U talking!

Then she machine gunned me with the five clues to help me guess the name of the place — it turned out to be a country actually — that I failed to catch the first three clues.

Thank goodness therefore my hearing caught up with her speech in the last two clues: 2nd richest country in Eastern Europe and Prague.

My brain settled for Czechoslovakia although it wasn’t a confident settling. It could be somewhere else but since my mind contained only one word, I decided to blurt it out and blow my chances if need be, than to be timed out.

“Czechoslovakia, ” I said.

For one split second I thought I had blown it but phew! When I heard the trumpets, I knew I had won.

I had won!!!!

Oh sure, I can afford to buy the book, if I really wanted to read it. Or go to the National Library to borrow a copy or request for one to be bought, if it hasn’t got it.

But nothing fills me with the thrill of getting something for very little effort.

The trouble now is that I’ve yet to hear from 93.8 Live, despite Howie Lim promising me I would hear very soon.

Hopefully I will not have to criticise its contest in the same way that I criticised one of its foodies on Foodie Lunch pick, a couple of years back!

2 thoughts on “I won a 93.8 Live prize

  1. Congrats! Don’t worry, I am sure you will be hearing from the station soon. Happy reading!

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