Lunch Party to contest the GE?

If the United States can have the Tea Party, why not we in Singapore have a Lunch Party with political aspirations?

So suggested one of the wittier members of a monthly lunch group I belong to, when we had our regular eat and meet gathering, again at the American Club this afternoon.

This is especially when a fellow lunch kaki, Tan Jee Say, has been making minor waves with his $60 billion proposal to rejuvenate Singapore — New_Economy_-_Jobs_and_enterprise_Singapore_15_Feb_11  — that was carried in both The Straits Times and the political website The Online Citizen.

TJS raised his profile further by becoming a panelist for TOC’s Budget 2011 critique which attracted some 35 participants.

So, not surprisingly, TJS was the target of much good-natured leg-pulling at our meal today.

But the real agenda as always was the food — and the wine, kindly provided by the organiser and host, Mr JL, not to be mistaken for the other JL ( Ms JL) who is my regular co-conspirator for song and dance soirees.

Without more ado, let me share with you my regular visitor what we ate today, all 16 of us, out of a group of about 25-strong!

Lunch Party's logo?


soup to start with?


i started with salad

three mains: chicken a la king

... beef ribs

i chose sole roulade

everyone had the same ending: sweet!


3 thoughts on “Lunch Party to contest the GE?

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