Hungry for meat!

Contrary to what I had expected, giving up meat — even for some of the time — is really hard to do.

This despite the fact that I don’t eat beef, lamb, mutton, duck, goose, game, and many forms of crustaceans and many cuts of pork. Which shows there aren’t that many kinds of meat left in the animal kingdom or that many types of seafood that will tickle my appetite.

This also despite the fact that I’m hugely fond of all vegetables, nuts and fruit, except perhaps the pineapple.

I discovered that I’m not cut out to be a full-time vegetarian only recently when I began limiting eating meat or fish to just one meal per day. When social functions make it impossible for me to stick to that regime, I make up for it later by having all vegetable and fruit days.

I’ve written about how I longed for meat, especially pork, in a post last year.

Nothing has changed since then.

The other day, I was at Marina Bay Sands be4 lunch — just to vary the timing of my joust with Lady Luck — when I felt a sudden need-4-meat attack.

I was in Rasapura — the MBS food court — and decided to succumb to my craving for  meat rather than eat vegetarian and save my meat quota for dinner!

satisfying meat pangs

 Yup, I just had a few pieces of roast pork (siew yoek) despite the tempting meat array (below), because most of the meat on display was anathema to me: goose, duck, char siew! While the pork ribs were expensive and messy and difficult to eat.

sight for meat hungry eyes!


2 thoughts on “Hungry for meat!

  1. Thanks Anthony! Will check out your link! Sorry if the meat pix made you hungry for meat. I shall be more mindful next time not to prompt others to create unnecesary bad karma! Bests!

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