4 years only? Way 2 lenient!

Good grief! I just can’t belief our courts could be this lenient with a criminal (see story below from Straits Times online) despite the judge’s words averring the need to care for and protect elderly folk, who were vulnerable and weak.

The serial thief preyed on no fewer than 100 senior citizens ( from 60 years to as old as 90 years) over no fewer than five years and got away with a total of  more than $330K!

That means he got away with more than $60K per year: equivalent to what junior execs would earn and way above the pay of elderly cleaners in our rest rooms and food courts!

To get only four years — despite the district judge’s somewhat stiff oral judgement — makes the crimes seem eminently worth imitating for people who don’t care for low paying jobs, workfare thrown in.

Feb 28, 2011

Serial thief who stole from the elderly jailed for 4 years

By Elena Chong

A MAN who stole from the elderly in Housing Board flats by mainly posing as an electrician to get in was jailed for four years on Monday. The other method used by Malaysian Tai Soon Leong, 51, to gain entry into the premises was to break flower pots outside the victims’ homes in a bid to distract them.

In total, the victims, aged between 60 and 90 years, lost $331,334 on 113 occasions.

Tai had earlier admitted to 10 of 113 counts of theft in dwelling involving $79,750. Tai, who is suffering from diabetes and studied up to Primary 1, had evaded arrest by using different passports to enter and exit Singapore. He was arrested in October last year.

The father of two sold the stolen jewellery in Johor Baru, Malaysia or Sungei Road, and used the cash proceeds to gamble at casinos and on board cruise ships.

In his oral judgment, Chief District Judge Tan Siong Thye said this was not an ordinary case of a serial thief.

 ‘What I find most repulsive about this case is that the accused had targeted and exploited the elderly people in almost half of Singapore over a prolonged period,” he said. He also said the elderly folk, who were vulnerable and weak, should be cared for and protected.

Tai had systematically over five years traumatised more than 100 elderly people, and the law will come down hard on any offender who exploits and targets them.


3 thoughts on “4 years only? Way 2 lenient!

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  2. i agree that it is too short, but then when it comes to a case like this, how long would ever be enough? i propose that such thieves be made to hard labour in prison to pay their victims back!

  3. Gd suggestion Quirky! Provided their elderly victims aren’t all dead by tt time!

    Mayb laws could be changed so that robbers like this, besides serving time, could be made to pay with their earnings in and beyond prison to compensate victims for what they stole.

    And to make sure that victims don’t have to wait forever, the state should pay on criminals’ behalf upfront and then collect from them on a PAYE scheme.

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