Tacky maintenance

It’s the sort of thing one got to expect of Genting Highlands, 10, 12 years ago, when mum and I made sorties occasionally via air and then taxi to have our rendenzvous with the slot machines up in the clouds.

I’m referring to the tacky state of the rest rooms, at least those for women.

But that was Malaysia, and Genting.

I had expected far higher standards of Marina Bay Sands. After all, hasn’t it been repeatedly touted as a $5.5 billion project?

So, I’m truly disappointed to find that MBS’ bathroom facilities aren’t any better maintained than what I remember from the days when i used to visit Genting.

I refer specifically to the Ladies Room next to The Nest cafe on the no-smoking floor of the MBS casino.

Three or four visits back, I discovered that at least two of the closets in that Ladies Room had doors where the metal locks had broken off. That means users can’t lock the closets when they are inside. Outside, one soap dispenser was broken too.

Now, if I thought they would be repaired when I visited the next time, I was to be disappointed. They remained broken the last time I visited on Feb 24 — about a month after I first discovered the broken door locks and soap dispenser.

I took a picture of the broken soap dispenser (below) as a souvenir.

And keep pondering how come a very garang tough talking chairman like Sheldon Adelson can be so lenient with such sloppy house-keeping!

stayed broken for weeks!


2 thoughts on “Tacky maintenance

  1. I have not visited the MBS casino as I am a stingy Singaporean who is not paying the levy to enter the casino just to have a look (also, I have no interest in the slot machines either)but two week ago, I was in KL Gentings with some visiting friends from UK (their first trip to Malaysia) and I must say I am impressed with the female toilet facilities next to the casino on the lower level at the First Hotel. A full time cleaning lady was in attendance at the ladies toilet and she works constantly cleaning each cubicle after use. It is not easy cleaning toilets especially in a casino where there is a constant stream of people for 24 hours…and also, there are some toilet users who are the selfish type and mess up the toilet after their use.
    Perhaps, MBS is in the process of hiring more cleaning and upkeep staff to maintain their premises and toilets..- that is why the broken door locks are not repaired yet. well, give them a bit more time..they are to be world class.

  2. Hi LW! Thanks 4 updating me on Genting. Haven’t gone there since Superstar Virgo began sailing. MBS does have cleaners for its rest rooms; just tt broken locks and soap dispensers not been repaired. Like you say, they need more maintenance staff.

    Yr not going to MBS isn’t anything abt being stingy. In life, we pay for things we enjoy and as u say, u don’t enjoy slots. Perfectly understandable!

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