A night out with Sg elite

Last night I went to the Opera Ball — Party @ Maxim’s, Paris, a fund raising event for the Singapore Lyric Opera.

First two clarifications. I wasn’t a donor to the event; instead, I went as a hangers-on of JL and her boss. And the “ball” wasn’t a ball and it wasn’t at Maxim’s, Paris but at the Shangrila Hotel’s Ballroom which according to a Straits Times report hosted a grand 15 charity balls last year, raising $millions.

The “ball” was in reality excerpts from Lehar’s The Merry Widow, where there was much song and dance, in the nicest way.

And I really had a ball, rubbing shoulders with Sg’s rich and famous. It was like the pages of Tatler and The Peak come to life around me!

Still, be4 I got too carried away I was put in my place when a billionairess — whose wedding I had attended in another incarnation — uttered my name out loud — “Lucia” — and then proceeded to ignore me, as she talked animatedly to another socialite of her $bn-status, who happened to be beside me as we walked towards the ball room.

I’m not miffed by the snub. It’s rich gals like these and rich men like Mr Oei Hong Leong who had with their generosity put a total of more than $550K into the SLO’s hat!

Sure, some of the generosity was prompted a little by no less than our President, Mr S R Nathan who gamely attended the ball as the GOH and had Mr Oei on his right hand. He had also written to potential donors be4 the event to request their support.

Even the Minister for Education, Dr Ng Eng Hen, graced the occasion with his wife. He is the patron of SLO and donated $5K.

Fine wines flowed freely to accompany a lip-smacking menu that started with cream of foie gras, followed by porcini dumplings in double-boiled consomme, a generous portion of Chilean cod cooked to ambrosaic perfection as main and ending with a beautifully crafted slice of apple pie! A generous plate of chocolates rounded off the dinner.

In my excitement over the fine food and wine, I overlooked taking a pix of the cod. The rest on the food and song and dance are available in Facebook

as rich as the donors

sweet mushroom dumplings

new age apple pie

what remains of choc tree


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