More MPs: it’s moi who said it first

Gasp, gasp, the electoral boundaries report for the next General Election has been released by the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee today.

And gasp, overall, our next Parliament will have 87 MPs, up from the current 84

OK, I know no one is going to credit me, so I might as well credit myself.

It was on Oct 20 last year that I posted the following:

At this stage, what one can say for sure is that there will definitely be four new faces contesting under the PAP banner at the next GE. This is because there will be four vacancies. Apart from Dr Lee, Mr Yeo Cheow Tong has also said he won’t be contesting. And Dr Ong Chit Chung and Dr S Balaji have died.

This apart, why should anyone else have to go to make way for newcomers?

Who says the 84 elected seats in Parliament are numbers that can’t be increased?

The population in Singapore is now 5.08 million. True, not all are citizens and among citizens, not all are of voting age.

Yet, whatever their capacity to vote, all 5.08 million need looking after. 

I repeated this claim to be the first to postulate that there will be more seats in Parliament in another post on Nov 1 commenting on an article by Prof Eugene Tan of the Singapore Management University.

For my two posts, go to this link and this link.

Watch this space for more predictions, from a total outsider with no insider information or insight.

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