Black swans

In 2001, there was the 911 incident that brought down the World Trade Centre in New York City. There were also planes attempting to crash into the Pentagon and other key locations in the US.

Ten years later, 2011, Arab countries in the Middle East are seeing their governments topple like nine pins or dominoes, depending on the game you prefer.

Is there a pattern in these metaphorical black swans?

I got thinking about this on hearing the sad news this morning that a friend’s constant companion died suddenly last night. Not surprisingly, she is in shock.

Though I didn’t know him well, we did have a few meals together, here in Singapore and also in Kuala Lumpur where he was based. He had played courier for me too, by taking vitamins not available in KL back to a good friend of mine who lives there.

And, once I took a lift from him and his girl friend from KL, with him at the wheel.

In return, I helped set up a couple of blogs for him to showcase the books he wrote so knowledgeably on bougainvillea and orchids.

Reflecting about this man’s passing made me think again of another unexpected death a life-time ago — which devastated me at that time.

That person and I weren’t romantically involved. It was just that he was the most generous boss anyone starting out in her career could wish to have: encouraging and promoting all the work I did to those higher up, sometimes maybe even at some cost to his own prospects.

Very strangely of late I had been recalling that time when BJ drowned 38 years ago while out boating in the southern islands during the Chinese New Year holidays.

This is probably because CNY this year fell on Feb 3, just as it did in 1973.

Again, I wonder: is there a pattern in the universe that dictates a black swan flies into some lives when CNY falls on Feb 3? 😦


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