All about lo-hei

I always look forward to having yu-sheng which like love-letters and pineapple tarts comes only once a year and that during the Chinese New Year season.

However, like most “traditional” foods, yu-sheng has been making its appearance earlier and earlier. And why not? After all, none of the ingredients that goes into making this basically raw fish salad is “seasonal” in the real sense of the word!

Thus I was delighted when Tanglin Club started serving yu-sheng, for dine in and take-out, from Jan 10 all thru to Feb 17. I became the first member to buy the yu-sheng for take-away on Jan 10 which co-incidentally was also the first day I ate yu-sheng back in 2010.

How did I know I was the first member? Because I was made to wait a long time after ordering and told repeatedly by club staff that the kitchen wasn’t ready!

Without more ado, here are the yu-shengs I had on the run-up to CNY and during the 1st 15 days.

yu-sheng I brought home on Jan 10

veggie yu-sheng @ Lotus: Jan 31


yu-sheng @ Pan Pacific Feb 10


veggie yu-sheng @ 8Treasures: Feb 13

yu-sheng lunch @ NH's home: Feb 17

yu-sheng dinner @ home fm Cz'zar: Feb 17

Actually, I had two other yu-sheng centric meals: at GC & HT’s home on Feb 5 but the guest turn-out was large and there was so much chit-chatting that I forgot to snap; another was again a take-away from the Tanglin Club but not worthy of commemorating with a pix, since there was already one from Jan 10!

Without much trying, I’ve had eight yu-shengs this CNY. 8)

Now if only some kitchen entrepreneur in Singapore would start serving yu-sheng as an everyday dish! Then my culinary wishing cup would surely overfloweth!

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