10X to Marina Bay Sands already …

and more to come!

In 2010, when I paid the $100 per visit levy, I went four times: Jun 7, Jun 28, Jul 17 and
Dec 23.

Since I bit the bullet and paid the $2K full year levy on Jan 2 this year, I’ve been 6 times so far: Jan 2, Jan 7, Jan 17, Jan 26, Feb 10 and Feb 16.

It would have been 7 times had I accepted a friend’s invitation to join her and a foreign visitor she was showing the casino to, on Feb 4 but that being the second day of Chinese New Year, it’s no can-do for me.

Also, I view going to the casino somewhat like meditation. Not too much talk or bonding. I want to focus on what I’m doing — gambling — not updating each other about our lives which should be done over a meal or an activity which doesn’t demand all my attention.

Further, friends who want to meet up are given to understand that we needn’t move around like Siamese twins, otherwise we won’t have the freedom to explore all the gambling wares (for me it’s strictly the more than 1,600 jackpot machines) that are on offer. And we are free to say ciao and split should we run out of energy or money! 

Plan to go again be4 this month is over, although I really need to go just another 14 times for the rest of this year, to break even on my paid-for full year levy, with all subsequent visits effectively levy free 😀

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