Run over by anti-drink-drive ad’s bad English!

There’s been some yada yada about a recent joint Traffic Police and Singapore Road Safety Council advertisement against drink driving.

It’s in the form of a fake obituary (for drama) except some thought the punch was taken out of the punch line when the ad ended with a disclaimer!

Others, interviewed by the Straits Times, thought it in bad taste to have a fake obituary during the Chinese New Year season.

Yet others like Goody2shoes, whose blog I follow quite avidly, says that “the slogan is quite a twisty mouthful as well, and just glancing at it would turn anyone with a phobia for woodchuck ditties off it for good.”

Agree that Don’t Drive To Drink, And You’ll Never Drink & Drive isn’t exactly 12-year-old malt (at least that’s what I’ve been told; I don’t drink whisky).

But what everyone seems to have missed is the red alert of poor English.

“Drink driving didn’t just steal his life
It robbed his entire lifetime”.

At the risk of sounding pedantic, aren’t some words missing from the second line? And shouldn’t “lifetime” be “life’s time”? Like this: “It robbed HIM OF his entire life’s time“.

Still, whatever way one looks at the ad, it has nothing in it to make it a runaway success — unless the point is to showcase sheer lack of attention to details and effect!

no runaway success

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