She is S’porean, hear her roar…

Sick and tired of the likes of Leong Sze Hian et al who have n’ary a good word to say about the Government’s executive and administrative arms and how they are ruling Singapore?

Sick of their claim that only by constantly chipping away at the leaders of our country, then they are more Singaporean than those of us who say little or nothing?

If so, you are in for a treat.

Let me show you a fresh and thus refreshing perspective. It comes from Cindy Khoo who runs the blog

In her latest post on Jan 25, she wrote: “Dude, that’s your umbrella poking into my shin on the MRT. Your child sneezing onto my arm. My mom waiting next to you at the polyclinic. I am on the ground. It’s hard work and real passion I put in. I don’t benefit from taxing the people extra, or making the HDB flats expensive. I too pay taxes. I too want cheap housing. But somehow, now, because I am a civil servant, I am no longer a Singaporean?…

For the full post, go here.


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