Is “Mrs Chong” teach-ad wise?

The Ministry of Education has unleashed a three-minute advertisement for TV, based on the real-life account of how a teacher never gave up on a wayward schoolboy.

The story behind the new MOE teacher recruit ad, titled ‘Mrs Chong’, was picked from about 400 entries submitted to, a website for students and former students to write in to share their stories about a teacher who left a lasting impression on them.

The aim in sharing the “Mrs Chong” story is to try and inspire more people to become teachers.

Tonight I saw the ad run twice in less than an hour over two Mediacorp channels.

I don’t like it.

It’s mushy.

Worse, whoever OKed the ad seems to have forgotten the sad, sad true story about the woman teacher who was involved with her 15-year-old male student and was jailed 10 months as a result.

As a reminder of what that story was go to this link here

Instead of inspiring more people to become teachers, I fear “Mrs Chong” with her full lips and eyes on the brink of tears might create new tragedies like that of Mrs X, whose name was with-held to protect the identity of her student.

I hope I am wrong.


8 thoughts on “Is “Mrs Chong” teach-ad wise?

  1. You are wrong 🙂 Of the thousands of teachers and life of students they “touch”, just because of a few black sheeps, I don’t think we should not publicise the true value of a teacher. The sad thing in Singapore is that we tend to stop ourselves and surround ourselves with rules that prevent that 5-10% from happening and yet ignore the 90% that are totally obedient and compliant. It is sad, because this mentality makes us focus on taking the safe route and being low risk. As anything in life, there are always risks. Why not manage them as it comes ? So what if there is love between a teacher and a student. I used to have crushes with my female teachers when my hormones are changing. But perhaps, it’s different now. The norms have changed and our generation lived on old arcade practices when holding hands means marriage.

  2. If anything, I was more irritated by the length of the commercial. 3 minutes. Do we really need to take that long to tell a simple story? At times, it seemed to me that the commercial was struggling. I don’t understand this obsession with making super-long tv commercials. Most commercials are 30 seconds. This one is 180 seconds. Surely there’s got to be a better way to spend tax payer’s money?

  3. Uncle Keng: by yr reasoning then we shouldn;t have police or courts since only 5 to 10% of the population do wrong things. 😀
    From my viewpoint, it is because we are v strict in S’pore that the wrong doers r kept to 5 – 10%. Without a draconian hand holding the reins, we could either become another Cairo or more likely a far bigger SIN city than we already are.

    Oh sure, all of us at one time or another have inappropriate crushes on someone or other. But what keeps practially all of us in check, prevent us from crossing the line is fear of the law, of society’s disapproval, of ruining our future years etc

    Anyway, for all we know that Mrs X “romance” with her student probably started because she was an empathetic teacher n he a vulnerable kid; just tt her ending was in CHG jail while Mrs Chong’s ending was having her ex-pupil look her up to take her for dinner in her twilight years.

    But in today’s over-liberal society, how many great empathetic teachers will end up like Mrs Chong? Or is the road going to lead up to a pile-up of Mrs Xs and Mr Ys?

  4. Hi Robin: thanks 4 dropping by! Didn’t know the ad was as long as 3 mins… thought it was draggy and darn like that one where one after another was reminiscing about this or that teacher. About how this one asked her “What’s your passion”? OMG, is she for real? And these r the sort of “creative” ads that r supposed to sell teaching as a profession! Someone shld tell the MOE to get real! 8)

  5. Someone once asked me. If there is consensus, is sex with gay wrong ? Similarly, if there is consensus, and no one reports, it is wrong ? My straight forward answer then is of course it is wrong. But across years, I learnt that the question is one about values. What are our values when we judge something. Legally wrong vs morally wrong. I wish life is always black or white, but Nelson Mandela says matters are shades of gray. If the “student” were to graduate or > 18 years old, then a 18 year old boy with a 30+ year old woman is not legally wrong. Vulnerable ? Love doesn’t happen at 1st sight ? Or does it ? 🙂 Love is blind ? I am sure we can never reason matters of the heart with the brain. Many of us do not act out our fantasy. But it always takes 2 hands to clap. 🙂

  6. Uncle Keng, I strong suspect u r taking this position to be provocative. 😉

    of cos, “If the “student” were to graduate or > 18 years old, then a 18 year old boy with a 30+ year old woman is not legally wrong;” — agree, nor morally wrong either, if both were unattached. However, I strongly question the mentality n wisdom of a womany of 30 dating an 18-yr-old boy.

    “I am sure we can never reason matters of the heart with the brain..” — I’m glad the law here doesn’t take this simplistic approach when it comes to incest, as demonstrated in the recent case reported by the media.

    However, I question those who are promoting Valentine Day dates for fathers and daughters. For heavens’ sake! Valentine Day is traditionally for lovers; not for daughter/dad bonding. Such stupid inappropriate promotions in the name of family bonding would confuse those who have little or no moral compass. MCYS should step in!

  7. Youareanidiot: thanks for dropping by. The nik u chose suits u absolutely! Yr comment which I find offensive has been removed.

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