Arithmetics and the casino

When i paid the $2,000 per annum entry levy for the Marina Bay Sands Casino on Jan 2, I knew I must visit more than 12 times to make the sums work for paying the levy in advance, instead of paying $100 each time I visit.

Also, apart from the upfront payment, I have given up the flexibility of visiting the casino fewer than 12 times during the next 12 months. Because if I go fewer than 12 times, I would in effect be paying more than the government mandated $100 per day levy.

However, I know for sure that I would visit MBS more than 12 times in 2011. I intend to anyway.

Where is the break even point for me? I guess 24 times should do it for me, or two visit a month. That means I would be paying a $50 per visit levy.

Still, that would depend a lot on whether my luck holds out on most of the visits.

If I lose more money than I win, then I may not visit as often as twice a month. On the other hand, if I win more than I lose, then I may even make more than 24 visits.

Stay tune on this blog for more about whether the sums work out for me at MBS!

2 thoughts on “Arithmetics and the casino

  1. It took me awhile to reason out mathematically. Is the annual fee 2,400 ? or 2,000 ? If it is $100 per entry, wouldn’t 2,000 make it 20 enteries to make it break even ? And 40 a year to make it $50 ? 🙂 Anyway, whether it’s 20, 24 or 40, the house always win.

  2. Yipes, Uncle Keng, u are absolutely rite! I suck at mental math! Perhaps that’s y I enjoy the casino slots; because I think I’m winning when perhaps I ain’t 😉

    The house always wins? Only 80% of the time mah… so there’s always chance for those who play small, persistently and consistently to be in the 20% category? Never worked out the odds tho probably some people out there have the algo?

    Btw, welcome home again n hope all remains well on yr home front!

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