Minimum spending on friends

Had three friends to lunch at the Singapore Cricket Club yesterday because I discovered that I still had $99 to go before end-February or would once again suffer the club’s minimum spending penalty, which dictates that members must spend an average of $100 on F&B over 3 months or have that sum billed to you, whether or not you have consumed that amount!

Naturally, I would rather my friends benefit than the club: so there we were at STUMPS, a sort of SCC version of a British pub. I rather like its faux Brit ambience though hate the uncomfortable high stools and small tables.

I particularly like the “healthy” buffet and always go for that. My guests, being very polite, also went for it. With drinks (just AL and I had wine) and coffee (AL, GC and ST), the bill came to under $80.

So I must make sure I go eat another $20 worth before February turns into March!

Pix below are courtesy of AL whose camera does more justice to the food and my guests than my poor wobbly camera phone!

smile for camera!

main buffet

dessert section

what AL chose


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