Last of the big gamblers – c’est moi!

Ever since I went to Marina Bay Sands casino for the first time in June, 2010, I’ve been an MBS Premier Advantage red card member, which is the lowest of the low among MBS Premier Advantage membership categories.

The next levels are Gold, Platinum and Diamond respectively.

I had signed up first and foremost because it’s free and is supposed to give me freebies, tho I never really knew what these were at the time of signingup.

Later, I discovered I could redeem the horrendously expensive $24 parking charge by using up some of the Premier $ that resulted from “points” I earned by gambling in the casino.

Since I’ve already visited the casino a grand total of 7 times with the last visit on Jan 17 (other visits: twice in June, once in July and December and three times so far in January), I decided to explore a bit more on what exactly my Premier red card delivers.

So, I logged onto my membership account tonight and discovered

1) I had accumulated 80 points that left me 308 points short of the next level of membership — a gold card that needed 388 points to qualify. As it has taken me almost a year to earn about 25% of the required points for elevation, it will likely take me another three years of the same level of gambling to get upgraded!

2) At my membership level, every 10 points translates into $5 premier. That means I should have a total of $40 premier. However, I’ve had six free parking passes, which at $4 premier per parking pass (one wasted because I misplaced it just be4 I exited the carpark) must have eaten $24 premier. So the balance of $16 premier in my account tallies.

What I’m really curious about is just how much one must gamble to earn 1 gambling point? Can’t find any info on the MBS website. Nor was I any wiser after asking at one of the membership service counters at MBS, the last time I was there.

So I’m left to guess: Is 1 gambling point equal to $100 gambled?

If so, my 80 points would reflect having pumped $8,000 into the slot machines (my only mode of gambling) or more than $1,000 per visit.

But I’ve only been down at max $350 — and only once on Jan 2 — and lost much much smaller amounts on two other occasions, while coming out quite handsomely on the other four. So most of the gambling points earned must have come from the constant recycling of my capital and that of the casino! 😉

Yes, MBS?

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